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Route snorkel "Llebeig"

The cala del Llebeig is one of the most beautiful coves with major character of the entire coastline of Costa Blanca. It only can be accessed by sea, boat, or on foot paths. Start on the Moraig area ongoing the route of the cliffs (ruta dels Penya-segats) or the Barranc de la Viuda on the borderline of Teulada,that will be a pleasant charming walkway.

Arriving at the Cove, seems to take you back to another era, into a picturesque frame of calmness and relaxing exclusivity, with small huts that served as shelter to fishermen and that now offer shade to the visitor. The immersion will show an environment usually transparent and brimming with life.

The Cove has orientation E /SE so it is exposed to winds from levante, by windless you will find calm waters. It is recommended to enter through the right side, where there is a small coastal gravel strip, since the rest is more or less large stone.

Ruta snorkel cala Llebeig

The seabed is initially formed by rock, boulders of considerable size bowling and as progress they are very bright and polished, whitish rock platforms. Following the course to the islet which is sighted on the south end of the Cove, you go through the bottom covered in brown algae that sometimes give way to rocks of considerable size and gleaming sands, which act as filter between walls of rock.

When you get to the islet observed another submerged, with its vertex at little more than half a meter of water, and falling to - 4 m. If the sea is calm, pass between the two, a kind of gorge of about 10 metres in length. Then surround the big islet to find a dense sea grass meadow and later a shallow step next to the tip of the cove. Here again reappear rocks and thousand holes and nooks that colonizes the abundant marine life.

Usually meet with saddled seabreams, mabras, bream, salps, castanets and other small fish which sometimes move fast as a ray when predators make their appearance as bream or sea bass, who patrol these waters.