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Route snorkel "Moraig"

The well-known playa del Moraig has access by the parking place, by a small breakwater, formed by blocks of stones of large caliber that act as a barrier to curb the impact of strong storms, that tend to whip this part of the coast, during the winter.

This breakwater has become an excellent refuge for many species that get in the infinite recesses of the rock, a place giving protection against predators.

The route of snorkel leave from the end of the parking lot, where begins the beach by a large rock extending into the sea. From here we can launch and begin a journey that will take us parallel to the breakwater in the direction of the arches of the Moraig cave.

Ruta snorkel moraig

The ground is rocky and alternating of depth, it reach up to something more than - 7 meters from surface, where the rock gives way to a white sand pit. The interesting thing is to snorkel over the rocks looking in the deep that will allow us to enjoy the view of the abundant wildlife fauna as shoals of bream and mojarras, solitary thrushes or serranos, the beautiful, coloured hogfishes that swirl around to find of food as any unprotected sea urchin that cover these rocks. It would even be possible to see some fish of high caliber as the Golden or Seabass which both attracts fishermen who likes to fish here and obtain precious trophy. So be careful there are no lines that hook you.

Upon arriving at the southern end of the breakwater, where disappear the rocky blocks and begins the submerged wall of the arches of the Moraig we can revers the course. It is not recommended to bypass the wall that would lead to the inside of the cave because of very poor depth, your body could scratch on the ground. It is better to return toward starting point and continue to enjoy this relaxing water ride on the way back.