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Route snorkel "Testos"

The Cala dels Testos is one of the most reserved of the Costa Blanca that can only be accessed either by the Barranc de l'Infern, following an exciting footpath with notes of adventure where some sections have ropes that helps climbing, or by sea, in a distance of about 400 metres from the Moraig beach. If we choose this mode, enjoy, especially by a canoe ride, to marvel at the steep rocky coastline.

The cala has orientation to the south and is covered with pebble. The seafloor, in very good condition, alternating with upholstered areas of rocky blocks on sections of small brown algae, with white sandy beaches and with the remarkable presence of meadows of sea grass. This underwater plant is a greater oxygen generator of our environment, gets 10 times more than its equivalent in terrestrial forest surface.

Ruta snorkel Testos

The course goes to move closer to the wall of the cove following its reef, go separating us from it and observe large rocks that dot the fund and provide refuge in its hollows to species such as octopus, which always so reserved and difficult to observing by their masters of camouflage. The sea breams incessant patrolling between the hard funds while the shoals graze on the sea grass and twinkle with their yellow reflexes.

Sea stars are drops of colour while urchins stand out for their number, in contrast to other areas of the littoral of Marina Alta where have almost disappeared.

We go to make a circle, look out to the wall opposite the start point, and remember the countless points of interest that will make our tour a delight to this privileged corner of pure Mediterranean.