Natural spaces

El Poble Nou de Benitatxell is a village with seaside and countryside. In its rural settings with the typical terraced landscape, is still preserving native species such as vine, carob and almond. However, in the spectacular coastline stand out, for its beauty and magnificence, unique natural spaces. The geological movements have created unique formations in the area such as Riu Blanc; a magnificent panoramic view by the Penya-segats (cliffs) of the Marina and landmarks created by tectonic movements and the erosion of the sea such as the failure of the Moraig, la Cova dels Arcs and the Basenilla. All these amazing natural icons for visitors.

The Failure of the Moraig
The Cove dels Arcs
Riu del Moraig
La Basenilla
Penya-Segats de la Marina