Broad Beans and Wine Festival A Sunday in April

The wine and the broad beans are two of the most typical products of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell. This young festival is celebrated in April, by the time of the harvest of this vegetable. That day gives notice about traditional culture and products as linked to the grapes in order to bring them value and to enhance the understanding of its cultivation and its properties. This festival encourage restaurants, association and residents of the municipality to present their products as in a tapas fair, conferences, etc. The fiesta is to get to know traditional products of the municipality which still are cultivated and developed.

The Neighbourhood Association of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell actively participates in the Festival with the contest of traditional wines, made by farmers and local fans. Red and white wines based on autochthonous varieties such as Muscat will be tasted.

Curiosity: the broad beans have a typical relation to the residents of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, known as "mitja fava" ("half bean"). This is because in the past the local farmers, were dividing these vegetables, were planting the part that had the stem and were making use of the other half that was not affecting to the growth of the new plant, for its own consumption.

This festival takes place on a Sunday in April, at the Plaza Nueva. Check out the exact date in the annual diary or in Tourist office.