Major FestivalsLast week of July

By the end of July, El Poble Nou de Benitatxell will be prepared to live one of the most intensive days of the year on the festival calendar. The major festivals in honour to Santa Maria Magdalena are a meeting point for neighbours of all ages and visitors. On these days they have a chance to make you feel "pobleros" (of the town) in conferences that encourage everyone to go outside.

The "Festers" (festival goers) -a group is formed by young men of 22 years of age, and 18 year old women- where they offer the town a programme of celebrations with a great variety of performances, music and traditional dances, religious acts, bull taunting, attractions for children, pyrotechnics... where it is all enjoyed on the biggest days of the town.

The calendar of acts will be prepared around on the local fiestas, the 22nd and 25th of July, days in which the patron saint and San Jaime are honoured. The rest of the programme -which is usually prolonged for 12 days- where the presentation of the festivals are played at night; the day of the Quintadas; the carriages and the bullfighting. Without a doubt, a perfect occasion to get to know and visit El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

* The major festivals of the municipality are celebrated on the last weeks of July; around the 22nd of July. Consult the exact programation on the annual calendar or in Tourist Office.