The cocas are characteristic for the villages of La Marina, its architecture and its vegetables. This simple and precious delicacy is made in houses and cottages with typical wood-fired ovens. Start on a basis similar to the bread, which is flour, water and oil and will kneaded in a "llibrell" (basin) of clay. More typical seasoning, for the cocas, is salt, oil and anchovies; "aspencat" (roasted pepper and eggplant) and onion.

The same seasoning have buns, in which the pasta is warmed-up.

Another variation are the pastries or empanadillas, (“coquetes tapades?) typically with peas, tomato and onion and spinach filling.

These cocas, buns or empanadillas, in summer, are usually accompanied by pickle and grapes.

Cocas de Benitatxell