The Coastle Caves

On the coastal Cliff area, on the Route dels Penya-segats linking to the coves of the Moraig and the Llebeig detect some constructions of dry stone, attached to the rock wall. These buildings are from the late 19th century and early 20th. They have a very basic building, where stone wall defines the space of protection from sun and rain.

The caves used to have only one entrance with small dimensions as well as the inside was small. These original buildings were located in areas to turn a small fenced for the working animals, or to fire in their around. Occasionally users of these caves were fishermen and farmers of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, who came to cultivate the small strips of land in this area. They also were used by smugglers waiting hidden to skiffs loaded with tobacco, fabrics, etc. The caves still retain the name of his owner.

These constructions are still preserved, almost intact and are one of the most important attractions of the route dels Penya-segats.

Cova les Morretes
Cova Domingo l'Abiar
Cova Pepet del Morret
Cova Toni el Senyalat
Cova del Morro del Bou