The Fisheries (les pesqueres)

The coastline is characterized by its high-altitude cliff faces. The rugged coastline makes it difficult for fishing. The traditional activity -meanwhile disappeared- specified in "les pesqueres del cingle" was performed by standing on a small reed mat (pesqueres) fastened on the cliff.

The fishermen who used les pesqueres were mainly farmers with economic shortcoming, who were forced to seek additional resources outside the agricultural season, in the sea. Their knowledge was based on the tradition inherited from parents to children and acquired by the experience.

Currently, you can still see different pesqueres from seaside or from the cliffs. All of them are in advanced state of deterioration by the impact of the sea, where you can still observe the danger they entailed and the value of the people who needed access there to fish. This endemic fishing activity, extends exclusively known as Penya-segats de la Marina.

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