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Route Abiar - Calistros

The route starts in town, calle Mercado, and continues in calle Rector Mas (Raconet) and calle de la Iglesia (Churchstreet).

Passing Plaza de la Iglesia (Church square) and walk through el Portalet (small door), one of only two entrances to the walled enclosure that formed first built houses of the village together with the church. From here you will have a beautiful overview.

Walking towards Xàbia till sidewalk finsh, we take on the left camí de la Torreta. Here begins the landscape of terracced hills dominated by fields of vineyards highlighting the cultivation of Moscatel grape.

Fork at the Urbanización Les Fonts, the route continues to the left to Pozos de l’Abiar Recreation area l’Abiar. Natural wells exist that supplied water to the population until the 70s, mainly during the war and post war period.

We continue towards the centre to Calle Mercado, than into calle San Antonio and Camino del Pouet. Cross road CV-740 Crtra. De la Font and walk through to Urbanization Calistros, Carretera Assagador / camí de la Torra (alternative); Camí de l’Assagador / calle del Pozo (Riu-rau).

On the way back to town you will see some remains of Riuraus. This rural constructions intended to the production of raisins. Riurau is the most characteristic element of the traditional architecture of Benitatxell and of all region. We will end up by walking up the Calle del Pozo or Calle Molls.

Senderismo en Benitatxell Senderismo en Benitatxell Senderismo en Benitatxell Senderismo en Benitatxell
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